2015 It’s A Wrap!!


Hey Guys,

Well it has been a while, probably the longest I’ve gone without writing but as you know there has been a lot going on.

I’ve just got back from the IPTL where I had another unreal experience, I absolutely love the event, the people and everything about it and to top it off we won the whole thing too!! So proud of my Slammers, having finished bottom last year to win it this year is amazing. We changed a few players around and strengthened in some key areas, changed coaches, actually Josh Eagle finished bottom again with the Japanese Warriors so he has to be the weak link!! In all seriousness it was just an unreal experience, having Muzza around for a few days was awesome, I love him he’s so good to be around and everyone knows the history between Stan and I and I was so pleased we were able to put it all behind us and move on for the sake of the Singapore Slammers and the rest of our team. Stan played unreal and clinched the title for us on the last day with some unreal tennis to cap off a great three weeks that I just did not want to end. I’ve truly made some friendships that will last a life time.


I had some annoying news when I got home though, some **** hacked my Instagram account and deleted everything but my team are working on trying to get it reinstated, I’m doubtful it can be done though. I loved my Instagram account, it’s one of my favorite social medial sites and as most of you know I am pretty active on social media. Hopefully we can get it sorted but if not, then I guess we have to just build it up again. Bigger and better!

So this has been my first full year on tour, not bad to finish in the top 30 although I am not someone who looks to put numbers and rankings as my goals at the start of the year and next year will be no different. I will keep focusing on improving as an athlete and a tennis player, working hard to get fitter, stronger, faster whilst aiming to get the best out of my tennis and making gains where possible. I guess if I was asked to name my highlights this year I would say the Australian Open was pretty sick, the Seppi match was unreal, beating Federer in Madrid was special, Wimbledon was good again for me and of course reaching my first tour final in Estoril. I am not sure how I would grade it all but there have been some obvious highlights. Getting my new dog King was a major highlight off the court too!!

NK Muzza

Gotta Love The Muzza!! Except in Grand Slams!!!

2016 will be another big year for me, I am working so hard to hit the ground running and have scheduled in the Hopman Cup, Fast4 in Sydney and Kooyong ahead of the Australian Open, I am hoping to be match tight by the time the Open comes around. I am looking forward to playing the Hopman Cup, it should be a lot of fun and will be awesome to play in Perth again. Rusty, Pat Cash and I will take on the rest of the world in Sydney in Fast4 which will be awesome and then I will return to Kooyong to finalize my prep for the Open in the Priceline Pharmacy Classic, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Anyway guys, I have to make tracks but I wish you all a great Christmas and an awesome 2016. Thank you all for your support in 2015 and I look forward to achieving more in 2016.