Olympics Statement

It is with a heavy heart that I have had to make a decision not to compete at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.  Coming to this decision has been a lengthy and difficult process, and I am extremely disappointed to have been put in this unfortunate position.

Representing Australia at the Olympic Games has been a dream of mine since I was a kid.  Playing in the Olympics was a goal this year; I planned my tournament schedule around Rio and made sure to fulfil my Olympic eligibility.  Unfortunately, while I have expressed every intention of trying to win a medal for my country in Rio, it’s very clear to me that the Australian Olympic Committee has other plans.

AOC’s unfair and unjust treatment of me over the last four weeks, as well as the organization’s crystal clear position on whether they want me to be a part of the Australian Olympic team, has solidified my final decision.

While I have received assurances from Tennis Australia that I will be nominated for the Olympic team, the AOC has chosen to publicly and privately disparage me.  Not one member of the AOC has reached out to me, my family, my team, or representatives of Tennis Australia, asking for a meeting or the opportunity to discuss their concerns.  The AOC’s unwarranted attacks on me demonstrate the organization’s inability to understand the circumstances surrounding highly competitive sports.  I also don’t want the AOC’s treatment of me to become a distraction and negatively affect the Australian Olympic team.

I am grateful to Tennis Australia for standing by me through this process and nominating me for the team.  I also want to thank the public and the members of the media who have voiced their support.

I am a proud Australian and have always loved representing my country.  I am fortunate to be young enough to hopefully have a chance to wear the green and gold at the Olympics in the future.  I hope that in four years I will find myself in the position to be a part of the Australian Olympic team.

I would like to wish every athlete representing Australia the best of luck this August and will be following their progress and supporting and cheering them from afar.

2015 It’s A Wrap!!


Hey Guys,

Well it has been a while, probably the longest I’ve gone without writing but as you know there has been a lot going on.

I’ve just got back from the IPTL where I had another unreal experience, I absolutely love the event, the people and everything about it and to top it off we won the whole thing too!! So proud of my Slammers, having finished bottom last year to win it this year is amazing. We changed a few players around and strengthened in some key areas, changed coaches, actually Josh Eagle finished bottom again with the Japanese Warriors so he has to be the weak link!! In all seriousness it was just an unreal experience, having Muzza around for a few days was awesome, I love him he’s so good to be around and everyone knows the history between Stan and I and I was so pleased we were able to put it all behind us and move on for the sake of the Singapore Slammers and the rest of our team. Stan played unreal and clinched the title for us on the last day with some unreal tennis to cap off a great three weeks that I just did not want to end. I’ve truly made some friendships that will last a life time.


I had some annoying news when I got home though, some **** hacked my Instagram account and deleted everything but my team are working on trying to get it reinstated, I’m doubtful it can be done though. I loved my Instagram account, it’s one of my favorite social medial sites and as most of you know I am pretty active on social media. Hopefully we can get it sorted but if not, then I guess we have to just build it up again. Bigger and better!

So this has been my first full year on tour, not bad to finish in the top 30 although I am not someone who looks to put numbers and rankings as my goals at the start of the year and next year will be no different. I will keep focusing on improving as an athlete and a tennis player, working hard to get fitter, stronger, faster whilst aiming to get the best out of my tennis and making gains where possible. I guess if I was asked to name my highlights this year I would say the Australian Open was pretty sick, the Seppi match was unreal, beating Federer in Madrid was special, Wimbledon was good again for me and of course reaching my first tour final in Estoril. I am not sure how I would grade it all but there have been some obvious highlights. Getting my new dog King was a major highlight off the court too!!

NK Muzza

Gotta Love The Muzza!! Except in Grand Slams!!!

2016 will be another big year for me, I am working so hard to hit the ground running and have scheduled in the Hopman Cup, Fast4 in Sydney and Kooyong ahead of the Australian Open, I am hoping to be match tight by the time the Open comes around. I am looking forward to playing the Hopman Cup, it should be a lot of fun and will be awesome to play in Perth again. Rusty, Pat Cash and I will take on the rest of the world in Sydney in Fast4 which will be awesome and then I will return to Kooyong to finalize my prep for the Open in the Priceline Pharmacy Classic, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Anyway guys, I have to make tracks but I wish you all a great Christmas and an awesome 2016. Thank you all for your support in 2015 and I look forward to achieving more in 2016.




Au Revoir Paris!


Hey Guys,

So the clay court season has officially ended for me and the curtain bought down on Roland Garros 2015  as the last blistering backhand hit from Stan “The Man” Wawrinka fizzed up the line for a winner to give him his second grand slam title. I was really pleased for Stan and thought he had played lights out tennis for the whole two weeks and thoroughly deserved his title, there were some people who questioned whether or not he was good enough to win a slam after Rafa was injured against him in the Australian Open final but I’m pleased he has put all those jokers and their doubts to bed, the guy is a seriously good player and in any other era would have made a name for himself as one of the greatest.

The clay court season was a good one for me and in fact was my first proper one on tour. I came in to it off the back of an injury and felt a little under cooked in Barcelona but it provided me with the opportunity to get out on the court and grind with tour level players which I obviously can’t get at home in Canberra. Esotril was a major turning point for me and I like to think I proved people wrong with my clay court game, I can play on clay and I really enjoy it too. Obviously beating Roger Federer in Madrid was a highlight and something I will always remember as he’s been an idol of mine for so long, I also have to give mention to Jack Sock too, the “Bro-mance” was formed on the clay of Europe and too be honest I love the guy, we have struck up such a good friendship in such a short space of time, so that’s another positive to take from the clay court season, myself, Jack, Bernie Tomic and Thanners are a formidable team!! It was good having my brother around over the clay season too and he came with me when I got to Paris to have my hair cut before the tournament started, everyone knows I like my hair to look fresh!

The French Open was a little strange for me to be honest, I played my first round match on Monday and then did not play again until the middle Saturday as my second round opponent withdrew. It was slightly odd and it felt like two first round matches as there was such a big gap in between. I was so unlucky in the match against Murray, I slept on my arm and trapped a nerve the night before which affected the speed of my serve, just a freak injury and not much I could do about it. The positive was that I thought I played well off the ground and bossed many of the rallies much better than I did in Melbourne, so I will take that as a positive and move on.

I’m in London now, I’ve been here for about a week. I have withdrawn from the ATP event in Holland as I am recovering from the nerve injury and am not serving. I am fine hitting groundies but haven’t served since the match against Andy Murray in Roland Garros. I have been hitting at the LTA as they’ve kindly let me use the courts, it’s so nice being back on the grass and I can not wait to get going at Queens. We have rented a huge house this year and I love it, all the team are together and it’s awesome. My mum and brother flew home on Saturday but my dad is coming back for Wimbledon as is my physio Will. I’m really looking forward to it, we have a big kitchen and are having big meals all eating together and having fun, I love that sort of thing and it reminds of being at home. I’ve had people dropping in all week which I like, my agent bought his youngest son Leon over who is 3 and the little man left his shades at the house so Matty my fitness trainer took a picture to let Leon know he has now lost his shades to the big man!!

I am at another new career high of 25 in the new ATP Ranking’s which is cool but there is a long way to go and a lot still to work on and improve, it’s nice to go in to Wimbledon seeded, I’m aware of what I did there last year but rather than look at it as a burden or pressure to defend, I am looking at it as an opportunity to go further and do better than last year as I know I am tough to beat on grass and my game is suited to it.

Which leads me to the point, I better go and practice otherwise I won’t get anywhere!!

Speaks soon


First Of Many

Pump it up!

Hey Guys,

So as you know I have been over in Europe for a couple of weeks now, Barcelona wasn’t a great start for me as I felt very under prepared and really rusty out there and I think it showed as I lost a match I never should have although credit to Elias as he played a great match and he deserved his win. By going out early in Barcelona it allowed me to get some more time on the practice court as I hadn’t had much on court time since my slip, fall and roll in Indian Wells, so every cloud and all that…

I got to Estoril pretty early and hit the practise courts and hard, but not in the way I intended as I fell over again! Luckily it was okay and we slowed down practice for a day to get it treated properly (thanks Ben!!). Before I started up again though I had a birthday to celebrate and as you all know I like to be home at the best of times and being away from home on a birthday is just twice as hard and makes me miss home even more but my agent John Morris and my team really went out of their way to make me feel special, John and the guys at GSC bought me a watch and some other Tottenham Hotspurs shirts and John and Matt James (my fitness coach) decorated my room when I was in the shower with balloons, banners and things and they kept hiding and jumping out and blasting party poppers at me, yeah… I have a mature team!! To top it off the guys arranged with Joao (Esotril Tournament Director) and Maria (ATP Player Services) to present me with a cake at the player party and everyone sang happy birthday, so all in all it was a good day and I really appreciate the effort everyone went to.

My first match was a tough one, I was struggling a little with nerves and the conditions were tough, I didn’t feel comfortable and it all sort of came out in the wrong way and I got a warning, a code violation and my opponent was pushing for me to be defaulted, I know I got lucky there as it could have gone either way and I had a good talk with my team afterwards and I’m pleased to say I put a lot of that right. I also hit everyday after my matches, I was doing around an hour or an hour and a half after each match, including the final. I still feel a little short on court time but I improved in each match and played some really good tennis at different stages through the week and I will head in to Madrid with a lot more confidence than I arrived in Esotril with, I had a blast in Estoril and I really want to thank Joao, his team and all the fans that came out and made it so good, I will definitely be back! Also I must congratulate Richard again on a great week, he was a deserved winner and he is someone I enjoy watching, so to see him back and healthy and winning is great.

Some of you may have seen I was in Vogue this week. I loved how the pictures came out and I think the article was great too. We did the shoot during Indian Wells at a nice retro hotel in Palm Springs, I was a little uncomfortable at first doing a shoot like this but I relaxed and enjoyed it and I think the pictures were great. It’s certainly an honour to appear in the pages of Vogue Magazine and I thank Anna Wintour and her team for inviting me to appear, I’m very grateful.

So we are headed to Madrid this morning, I will arrive there this afternoon and hit with my doubles partner for the week Mr Mahesh Bhupathi which should be fun, I am hoping he can teach me a thing or two on the court too. I am about to check out and head to the airport now guys, so this is where I leave you but thanks again for the support, messages and the encouragement.




Back On The Road

NK Chilling

Hey Guys,

It’s been a while so I thought I would use this time whilst flying from Sydney to Barcelona (via Paris) in my comfy Malaysian Airlines business class seat to write my latest blog (I do not apologies for that blatant plug either!!). After what seemed like forever, I am now fit enough to get back out on the road and compete again and I am headed to Barcelona via Paris to compete in the ATP 500 event in Barcelona which is my first clay court event of 2015.

In fact I was very kindly awarded a wild card in to the main draw as I didn’t enter, so thank you to my guys at IMG; Carlos Fleming, Fernando Soller and of course thanks goes to the tournament director too. After that unlucky fall in Indian Wells against Dimitrov my schedule changed and then when it looked like I would be ready I decided to add Barcelona as I had missed Miami, I’ve been pretty unfortunate this past year with injuries but I’m working hard to get and stay strong so that I am able to eliminate some of the niggles but the fall in Indian Wells was just a freak one.

I had a blast in Indian Wells (fall aside) and shot a couple of different photo shoots that I mentioned before that were way outside my comfort zone but were a lot of fun. I was playing pretty well out on the court too, considering they were my first couple of matches since the Aussie Open I was happy with where my game was at, I had a lot more to give and felt in the match against Grigor I didn’t play well but I served well and that gave me some looks, to be honest though after the fall I wouldn’t have been able to play the next day even if I had closed him out.

This trip is the longest one of the year for me, I won’t be heading home to Australia again now until after Wimbledon which will be for the Davis Cup tie in Darwin. The choice to put the tie in Darwin was a smart one and I am looking forward to competing there (assuming I am selected). As you all know I am a bit of a home boy, so this trip will be tough for me but I have family members visiting throughout the trip, my brother arrives in a week or so until the French and my mum will be in Paris too, then my Dad will be in the UK for the grass so I am pretty lucky they can all take their holiday time from their jobs to spend it with me.

One of the positives of being injured is you can work on other areas of your game or body and I have been able to make some solid gains with my back whilst I have been home and really consolidate the work that Will my physio helped me with after the Aussie Open, and I have been able to really improve my core strength whilst home too, although having a giant moon boot strapped to your foot pretty much limits anything else you can do.

I’ve spent some time promoting a few different local and charitable projects in my home town of Canberra, I love my city and if I can give time to things that will benefit Canberra and it’s people then I am always game. I got to spend some time with my brother Christos and his team at Golds Gym during the “relay for life” which was raising money for cancer charities, it was a lot of fun and a lot of money was raised for a great cause. As I get older I realise more the position I am in to help others and it’s actually a really good feeling and something I will grasp with both hands going forwards although I don’t intend to be one of those guys who shouts from the rooftops every time I do something for a good cause, I’ll leave the shouting for when I am on the court!

Something else that happened whilst I was away was the draft for the IPTL, as you all know I loved the IPTL last year and had a blast in what was an exciting format and something I think I was made for. The draft happened this past weekend and I was drafted back to the Singapore Slammers, I am so pumped as I was hoping to be back on the Slammers although I was the only retention from last year, so it is a completely new team and I welcome Novak, Thanasi, Karolina, Carlos, Marcelo and Belinda to the Singapore Slammers. We have a great chance of winning the title this year and it would be awesome if we can make that happen.

I’ll blog regularly during this trip (he says), so stay tuned for more!!

Thanks for the continued support.



Injuries Suck

NK Murray AO15

Hi Guys,

Yet again, its been a while!! You know the drill now.

So the Australian Open was a great two weeks, I had an awesome time and an unbelievable run in front of the Aussie public which just made it even sweeter! Most of you will now know that it was touch and go on my participation but to hold up as I did and make the quarter finals was just a dream and I feel very grateful to my team for helping me through some difficult spots in the lead up and then during the event.

Andy Murray played a great match to dust me off in three but I definitely learned a lot from that match, I made improvements from when we last played too in Toronto and I know he’s a tough nut to crack but it’s a great challenge and one I’ll look to improve on next time we play. Andy has been awesome with me and has sent me some really supportive messages before and after our match, in fact I am aware of what he said before Wimbledon last year and I’m grateful for that, he’s a good guy and I know he will win more grand slams in the coming years.

I got so many supportive messages from people I admire and look up to such as Andy, Gael Monfils, Mark Philippoussis, Pat Cash, Tim Cahill and some of the Socceroos guys, I just feel incredibly lucky to have their support. Niall Horan from One Direction came out to watch some matches too, he’s a keen tennis fan and despite some media outlets trying to make it look like I blanked him he has been pretty cool too in messaging me and we’ve swapped numbers and will likely hang out somewhere soon.

Since the Open though, I’ve been injured which is just so annoying! I’m desperate to get back out on the road and compete and look to put what I worked so hard for in the pre-season on to the court whilst being fully fit but I’ve not had that luxury in 2015 yet but that just motivates and excites me even more. I’m progressing everyday and able to work on a few other things in my game such as the physicals with Matt (my fitness coach) but pretty much Will my physio is the boss for now and is driving what I do and when.

The upside to injuries is you get to be around your family and friends a bit more than you would normally, which is nice. My sister Hali has gone off to work in Japan for a year at Universal Studio’s in one of their shows, so I got to see her and spend some time with her before she left which was awesome, she’s a very talented singer and actress and it’s inspiring to see her work so hard for her dreams in an industry that is not as measurable as tennis or sports, by that I mean in sport if you’re the best it’s recognised because of results but in the entertainment world it’s not the same as it’s just about pleasing a certain casting director or individual on the day. Still she’s progressing well but it’s a tough industry to crack.

I’ve also been able to do something outside of tennis that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to do or even think about doing, I’ve shot a couple of high-end lifestyle magazine shoots which was fun but different, I can’t say too much but keep your eyes peeled for when they appear on the shelves.

The injury has been a bit of a grind and all injuries suck completely but I’m looking for the positives as and where I can. I’ve started back up on the court hitting lightly which is awesome and hopefully I can be back out on tour in the next few weeks. It’s a slow process, I want to make everything right so that I am not breaking down a week or two after getting back out on tour, the team I have around me now have really down a good job of making sure I am progressing in other areas before getting back out on tour and that’s a great sign as I know they are fully behind me in my development.

Which reminds me, I better get back out there before they start kicking off……..

Speak soon



AO15 Begins

Nick Kyrgios AO15
Hi Guys,
The first day of the Australian Open 2015 is here and, to be honest, I feel like a kid at Christmas as I look forward to the Aussie Open more than any other event.
I guess it’s to do with childhood memories, travelling down to watch matches and then as I got older hoping I’d be playing at the Nationals at Melbourne Park and later the Australian Open juniors
It’s just such a special event and holds so many great memories for me.
The place has changed a lot over the years, and that’s down to Craig Tiley and his team doing a great job.
I was fortunate enough to open the new Margaret Court Arena back in September, it’s an amazing facility and just blew me away when I saw it finished and now I will be playing the night match on it against Federico Delbonis.
I can’t wait as the last time I played on MCA was against Benoit Paire and it’s still the best atmosphere I’ve ever played in front of, I’m just hoping the crowd come out and support again and I can experience those feelings again but of course with a different outcome.
Training has gone well, it’s no secret I’ve been struggling with my back and I would have liked to have more matches in both Perth and Sydney coming in but that wasn’t to be.
I’ll have to go out and compete with whatever I have  on the night, and I can assure you I will be leaving nothing to chance.
These are the events we work hard for all year and when your career is over these are the events on which you will be measured, I’m so aware of that and have a constant drive to be ready to fire it up at the majors. I really can’t wait to get going.
The Aussies actually have favourable draws for a change, apart from Thanasi we all have matches on paper we would back ourselves to win but watch out for the Kokk
He’s playing some big ball and can cause the upset. None of the matches are going to be easy and Federico is a great pro and I’m expecting a huge battle out on MCA.
The weekend leading in to the Open is always a hectic one, players are becoming more anxious about the event starting and then you have the customary nerves which always make for some pretty heated practice sessions as well as conversations at the lunch table too.
I had a lot of press on Sunday which is mandatory for all players to give a press conference and interviews to the Australian Open broadcasters or official media partners, I’m getting used to these sort of things now and am breezing through them now although to be honest I could do without them.
Saturday was a pretty big day for me too, we announced that WME and IMG would be partnering with my existing management company GSC.
It’s an exciting prospect and I’m looking forward to working with WME IMG.
My manger John Morris will remain in his role and we will have Carlos Fleming as our point of contact at WME IMG, I’ll also have access to the IMG academy in Florida which I love training at, so it works on so many levels.
We also had the Australian Open kids day presented by Nickelodeon which was such great fun out on Rod Laver Arena, I was on a team with Thanners and Genie Bouchard against Vika, Ana Ivanovic and Roger Federer. It was a great experience and a great opportunity to get out in front on the crowd on RLA which is one of the best arenas in world tennis.
I have to give a special mention to Lleyton Hewitt who is appearing in his 19th straight Open.
What an achievement and an unbelievable sign of his longevity at the top of the game and with the eyes of the world on Melbourne watching the Australian Open, let’s get behind all the Aussies and show that Australian tennis is re-emerging as a major force in world tennis and we can mix it with the very best in the business.
Hearld Sun

Goodbye 2014 and Thanks!!

NK Newk Medal 2014

Hey Guys,

So let’s get this out the way early….Sorry I haven’t wrote a blog in a while but hopefully this one can make up for it!

It’s been a crazy few months for me yet again and I really have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure 2014 has not been a dream. Most of you will know that I cut my season short to recover from some injuries and give myself the chance to recharge and hit the ground running in my pre-season although there were some outlets that were using the “tennis burn out” headlines which could not be further from the truth, in fact it’s the opposite as I was resting and recovering to make sure I don’t suffer burn out, as often so many players have not listened to their body and have just kept training and competing, chasing dollars and ranking points and for me, I don’t need to do that as I am only 19 and I intend on having a long career and hopefully playing at the highest levels for the best part of two decades and I need to take care of myself mentally and physically if I am to have that type of longevity.

While I was off it gave me a great opportunity to spend sometime with my friends back in Canberra, I have a good group of friends that always come over to the house and hangout, shoot some hoops or head in to town and eat too much food. It’s great really as we have been friends since we were young and we have all gone off in different career paths, such as real estate agent, carpenter and builder and it’s great to just meet up and do what we have always done. For me, I need these guys as it enables me to just be me and goof around playing video games and just generally being a 19 year old, our house is always full when I am home and my Mum is always running after us and making sure we are behaving but also making sure we are well fed and watered, what more could we ask for?!

I was also fortunate enough to be nominated for the Newcombe Medal, I was first nominated last year and we all travelled down as a family and had a great time and this year my mum, dad, brother and his girlfriend all travelled down again and stayed in the Crowne in Melbourne, myself and Thanasi discussed what to wear and I made my mind up pretty early and really ruffled some feathers in a purple Ted Baker suit, I absolutely love it. It was so much fun and awesome to be spending the evening alongside so many of Australia’s tennis greats. As the evening went on I had a few red wines (which I don’t normally do) and then when it came time to announcing the winner, I heard my name be called and I wasn’t sure if I was hearing things or had drunk too much? I was so stoked to win and my Mum let out the biggest scream, my brother Christos was so pumped too, it was amazing really and I was so honoured be nominated alongside the likes of Casey and Lleyton but to win is just another level and I am grateful to the panel for picking me.

After the Newcombe Medal I went to play the new IPTL and I have to say, OMG it was amazing and I absolutely loved it, it was fast paced, exciting, fun and the crowd atmosphere and participation was unbelievable. I played for the Singapore Slammers and was on a team with Tomas Berydch (Aussie Tom), Lleyton Hewitt, Pat Rafter, Dani Hantuchova, Bruno Soares, Andre Agassi and Serena Williams with our captain being Josh Eagle. To say we all got on would be an understatement, it was amazing and I have made some friends here for life. Josh and Pat really helped capture a team spirit by doing some subtle things such as a Whatsapp group, taking a bus in to the stadium rather than cars and also arranging team dinners and we were able to create a team feel that no other team had, okay granted we struggled to finish top four but we were also incredibly unlucky on the court and I know next year we will do much better, I just hope we are still the same individuals making up the Slammers.

Swinging my towel at IPTL NBA style!

Swinging my towel at IPTL NBA style!

The league took in four cities in three weeks, starting in Manila followed by Singapore, Delhi and then Dubai, it was amazing from start to finish and we were treated so, so well. The hotels were immense, the food was always great, the service was world class and  I even took my first trip on a private jet which was awesome. Mahesh, Morgan, Lyn and their team really looked after each and everyone of us and our guests, it was truly memorable and I can’t wait for next year. Aside from all the star treatment I was also lucky to see some of the games greats at close hand, I learned a lot from Aussie Tom (Berdych), Lleyton, Dani, Serena and Pat and it was also priceless listening to the likes of Agassi, Sampras and Philippoussis, I definitely learned a lot from these guys and have already made some changes in how I go about things just by what I learned and observed from these greats. There really was so much that happened in the three weeks of this year’s IPTL and I could probably write a book about it all, you never know I just might!!

Malaysian Airlines Launch

Malaysian Airlines Launch

After the IPTL I went back to train in Canberra for a week and then I travelled down to Sydney to launch my new partnership with Malaysian Airlines. I am so happy to be working with them, and I look forward to moving forwards with them positively as my airline of choice. It is certainly an advantage for me to arrive rested and fresh for my tournaments and I have no doubt it will help me gain an upper hand on my competitors.

Christmas was spent at home and it was awesome that my sister Hali came over from London before taking up a new contract in Japan, so all three of the Kyrgios crew were at home which meant Mama K had her hands full, just how she likes it!! We had a huge lamb spit and invite some family and friends round for dinner which just added to the day, it was a truly awesome day and I feel very lucky at being able to spend my Christmas with my family as so many are not able.

So 2014 has had it’s ups and downs, although I have to say the highs far outweigh the lows. It has been a special year for me and one I will look back on with fondness as I am hugely grateful for everything I have achieved this year and I am working hard to build on this year and make it the first step on the ladder to something special.

Lastly I would like to thank all of you guys for your support and love, it certainly makes getting out of bed in the morning easier knowing you have the backing and support of so many people all over the world and it really helps drive me on to achieve, so thank you and I hope your Christmas and New Year are everything you deserve and have worked and prayed for.

Much love,


My plans

Unfortunately I have pulled out of Tokyo and Shanghai due to an injury in my left forearm. Although not at the stress fracture stage, it is bone stress which is very painful and needs protecting before it escalates in to something worse and takes me away from the ATP Tour for longer.

Despite recent reports, I do plan on playing again this year and have only withdrawn from Tokyo and Shanghai at this stage, my schedule still includes Stockholm, Basel and Paris which I hope to be fit and ready to play.

As my career is still young, I am in no rush and have to take care of my body, I understand it is still developing and adjusting to the increased physical demands the level of tennis I am competing at demands and I have to listen to my body if I want a long, successful and sustained career.

Playing injured is no fun and has stopped me from playing the type of tennis I love to play and I hope with a couple of weeks intensive rehab, rest and treatment I can get back to playing pain free, exciting and fun tennis.

Thanks for your support and understanding.


I’m in Kuala Lumpur

Hi Guys,

I’m in KL at the moment playing the ATP event, it’s been a great week so far although results have not been so good.

As you all know my mother is Malaysian, and I have been billed as the half kampong kid which means “half local/village kid” it’s a nice title and has helped the crowd and people in Malaysia warm to me.


I have so much family in Malaysia and it’s been great seeing so many of them as I haven’t seen them for so so long. My Mum has been having a blast here too, she’s been doing interviews and open mic talks with me and has done really well and enjoyed herself. It’s nice to share the limelight a little with my Mum as she sacrificed so much to help me fulfil my dreams just as all my family did.

I was pretty gone after my singles, as you know I’ve been suffering with some issues with my arm and was unable to play the type of tennis I wanted to play which was disappointing, especially in front of family and having received such a good reception from the Malaysian people. All credit has to go to Marinko though, he played really well and followed it up with a win in the next round, Marinks is a great guy and has worked his butt off to improve in so many areas and he often doesn’t get the respect he deserves for that. He’s a great professional and I wish him all the best against Nishikori in the quarters.

photo 1

I am still in the doubles here in KL, although I’m not overly confident as I am unable to really hit a backhand and myself and my partner who is a local wild card play against Jamie Murray and John Peers who have been one of the best pairings in 2014, so we’ll go out there have some fun and do our best with what we have on the night.

I’ll head home after here for a couple of weeks rehab on my arm and hopefully be healthy to compete on the ATP Tour again this year, but for now I just want to get rid of this pain in my arm so I can go back to playing the type of tennis I enjoy playing, playing injured sucks and is no fun at all!!

Before I go, I have to give a shout out to Malcolm who is Bernie Tomic’s fitness guy, he absolutely rocked the player party as an MC and stole the show, all the players loved it and be completely blew everyone away with how good he was. It took a lot of balls to get up and do that but I guess when you’re that good, getting up and singing and performing in front of someone isn’t that daunting.

I’m off now but I’ll write again soon.