Crazy Few Weeks

What a rush!!

What a rush!!

Hi Guys,

This is my first blog since I have been home from making the quarter finals of Wimbledon! Even writing that seems crazy! As you all know it started with the ATP Challenger event in Nottingham, getting the win there and gaining a wild card from the AELTC for the main draw at Wimbledon.

My first match was not comfortable at all, I really did not feel good against Stephane Robert, he played such unpredictable tennis that I never really settled, and I guess I carried some of that over to the Gasquet match as it took far too long for me to settle and then in the end it turned in to a classic which I was fortunate enough to come through, I’m not silly, I know nine times out of ten living that close to the edge you’re going to lose but thankfully things were on my side that day and I plugged away and got the win.

I actually thought I played my best tennis in the third and fourth sets against Vesely which of course set me up for the big one against Rafa Nadal. I was asked what it felt like to hear the noise of the crowd as I walked out on Centre Court and the answer is, I couldn’t tell you! I had my headphones on so loud and was so focused that everything just blended in to one big scene of calmness.

It sounds weird to say playing Rafa and beating him in four was not my best tennis of the tournament but that is how I felt, I obviously served very well and took control of the rallies pretty much every time and am so stoked I got the win, really it was like a dream. In the quarters as you could probably see, I was cooked and really needed that day off in between but I guess that is the nature of the beast playing on grass at Wimbledon, the schedule is something that can change more than at any other slam and you have to take the rough with the smooth. I’ll go away and work harder to make sure I am better equipped for that next time but being able to share these moments with my Dad and my sister Hali as well as my team was so special and it was a fortnight I will never forget. I loved my Wimbledon experience this year and my love affair with the place and the trophy has started, I want to be Wimbledon Champion and that feeling and desire is what will drive me on in tough times.

It was great to come home to my Mum and brother Christos, the reception at Canberra Airport was so special and to see so many people come out to greet me was more than I could have asked for, it was very humbling actually and I felt a little embarrassed that they were there for me. I’ve managed to catch up with my mates and hang out with the boys, shoot some hoops and eat copious amounts of Sushi and Chinese foods since I’ve been home although from today I will eat cleaner as I have one eye on next week and heading down to Melbourne for a few days with Todd to start my training block.

People keep talking about how my life will change forever and although I feel exactly the same and believe me, my mates and my family will not allow me to change but I have noticed a change in the way people are now towards me, I notice a lot more people stare and point, others come and say well done and what not which I prefer but it’s all positive. I’ve had a lot of press to do this week and in the end I was so tired we pulled the plug on it as I was so worn out and it was good to have my manager John Morris here with me who could take the heat off of me in organizing that stuff and then cancelling too, it’s never nice to back out of anything but I really had hit the wall and hopefully people will understand.

So as you know my coaching team has changed, I have put out a statement on it and that is all I will be saying for the time being on the matter as I just want to enjoy my last couple of days at home and then get my head down and work hard with Todd and AK on my training block before meeting up with Josh in Toronto. My tennis has to come before anything else and luckily I have good, strong support from the people around me who keep driving that message which in weeks like this can often be forgotten and I really appreciate that.

This past two weeks have been crazy, from the matches, the interest, the exposure to my twitter blowing up with over 72,000 followers!! It’s just crazy but I really do appreciate everything, I know I am lucky to do what I do and I intend on working as hard as I can to maximize everything that sits ahead of me.

Thanks again to everyone for the kind messages, notes, fan mail and shout outs. You have no idea how much it all means, speak soon!