Goodbye 2014 and Thanks!!

NK Newk Medal 2014

Hey Guys,

So let’s get this out the way early….Sorry I haven’t wrote a blog in a while but hopefully this one can make up for it!

It’s been a crazy few months for me yet again and I really have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure 2014 has not been a dream. Most of you will know that I cut my season short to recover from some injuries and give myself the chance to recharge and hit the ground running in my pre-season although there were some outlets that were using the “tennis burn out” headlines which could not be further from the truth, in fact it’s the opposite as I was resting and recovering to make sure I don’t suffer burn out, as often so many players have not listened to their body and have just kept training and competing, chasing dollars and ranking points and for me, I don’t need to do that as I am only 19 and I intend on having a long career and hopefully playing at the highest levels for the best part of two decades and I need to take care of myself mentally and physically if I am to have that type of longevity.

While I was off it gave me a great opportunity to spend sometime with my friends back in Canberra, I have a good group of friends that always come over to the house and hangout, shoot some hoops or head in to town and eat too much food. It’s great really as we have been friends since we were young and we have all gone off in different career paths, such as real estate agent, carpenter and builder and it’s great to just meet up and do what we have always done. For me, I need these guys as it enables me to just be me and goof around playing video games and just generally being a 19 year old, our house is always full when I am home and my Mum is always running after us and making sure we are behaving but also making sure we are well fed and watered, what more could we ask for?!

I was also fortunate enough to be nominated for the Newcombe Medal, I was first nominated last year and we all travelled down as a family and had a great time and this year my mum, dad, brother and his girlfriend all travelled down again and stayed in the Crowne in Melbourne, myself and Thanasi discussed what to wear and I made my mind up pretty early and really ruffled some feathers in a purple Ted Baker suit, I absolutely love it. It was so much fun and awesome to be spending the evening alongside so many of Australia’s tennis greats. As the evening went on I had a few red wines (which I don’t normally do) and then when it came time to announcing the winner, I heard my name be called and I wasn’t sure if I was hearing things or had drunk too much? I was so stoked to win and my Mum let out the biggest scream, my brother Christos was so pumped too, it was amazing really and I was so honoured be nominated alongside the likes of Casey and Lleyton but to win is just another level and I am grateful to the panel for picking me.

After the Newcombe Medal I went to play the new IPTL and I have to say, OMG it was amazing and I absolutely loved it, it was fast paced, exciting, fun and the crowd atmosphere and participation was unbelievable. I played for the Singapore Slammers and was on a team with Tomas Berydch (Aussie Tom), Lleyton Hewitt, Pat Rafter, Dani Hantuchova, Bruno Soares, Andre Agassi and Serena Williams with our captain being Josh Eagle. To say we all got on would be an understatement, it was amazing and I have made some friends here for life. Josh and Pat really helped capture a team spirit by doing some subtle things such as a Whatsapp group, taking a bus in to the stadium rather than cars and also arranging team dinners and we were able to create a team feel that no other team had, okay granted we struggled to finish top four but we were also incredibly unlucky on the court and I know next year we will do much better, I just hope we are still the same individuals making up the Slammers.

Swinging my towel at IPTL NBA style!

Swinging my towel at IPTL NBA style!

The league took in four cities in three weeks, starting in Manila followed by Singapore, Delhi and then Dubai, it was amazing from start to finish and we were treated so, so well. The hotels were immense, the food was always great, the service was world class and  I even took my first trip on a private jet which was awesome. Mahesh, Morgan, Lyn and their team really looked after each and everyone of us and our guests, it was truly memorable and I can’t wait for next year. Aside from all the star treatment I was also lucky to see some of the games greats at close hand, I learned a lot from Aussie Tom (Berdych), Lleyton, Dani, Serena and Pat and it was also priceless listening to the likes of Agassi, Sampras and Philippoussis, I definitely learned a lot from these guys and have already made some changes in how I go about things just by what I learned and observed from these greats. There really was so much that happened in the three weeks of this year’s IPTL and I could probably write a book about it all, you never know I just might!!

Malaysian Airlines Launch

Malaysian Airlines Launch

After the IPTL I went back to train in Canberra for a week and then I travelled down to Sydney to launch my new partnership with Malaysian Airlines. I am so happy to be working with them, and I look forward to moving forwards with them positively as my airline of choice. It is certainly an advantage for me to arrive rested and fresh for my tournaments and I have no doubt it will help me gain an upper hand on my competitors.

Christmas was spent at home and it was awesome that my sister Hali came over from London before taking up a new contract in Japan, so all three of the Kyrgios crew were at home which meant Mama K had her hands full, just how she likes it!! We had a huge lamb spit and invite some family and friends round for dinner which just added to the day, it was a truly awesome day and I feel very lucky at being able to spend my Christmas with my family as so many are not able.

So 2014 has had it’s ups and downs, although I have to say the highs far outweigh the lows. It has been a special year for me and one I will look back on with fondness as I am hugely grateful for everything I have achieved this year and I am working hard to build on this year and make it the first step on the ladder to something special.

Lastly I would like to thank all of you guys for your support and love, it certainly makes getting out of bed in the morning easier knowing you have the backing and support of so many people all over the world and it really helps drive me on to achieve, so thank you and I hope your Christmas and New Year are everything you deserve and have worked and prayed for.

Much love,