I’m in Kuala Lumpur

Hi Guys,

I’m in KL at the moment playing the ATP event, it’s been a great week so far although results have not been so good.

As you all know my mother is Malaysian, and I have been billed as the half kampong kid which means “half local/village kid” it’s a nice title and has helped the crowd and people in Malaysia warm to me.


I have so much family in Malaysia and it’s been great seeing so many of them as I haven’t seen them for so so long. My Mum has been having a blast here too, she’s been doing interviews and open mic talks with me and has done really well and enjoyed herself. It’s nice to share the limelight a little with my Mum as she sacrificed so much to help me fulfil my dreams just as all my family did.

I was pretty gone after my singles, as you know I’ve been suffering with some issues with my arm and was unable to play the type of tennis I wanted to play which was disappointing, especially in front of family and having received such a good reception from the Malaysian people. All credit has to go to Marinko though, he played really well and followed it up with a win in the next round, Marinks is a great guy and has worked his butt off to improve in so many areas and he often doesn’t get the respect he deserves for that. He’s a great professional and I wish him all the best against Nishikori in the quarters.

photo 1

I am still in the doubles here in KL, although I’m not overly confident as I am unable to really hit a backhand and myself and my partner who is a local wild card play against Jamie Murray and John Peers who have been one of the best pairings in 2014, so we’ll go out there have some fun and do our best with what we have on the night.

I’ll head home after here for a couple of weeks rehab on my arm and hopefully be healthy to compete on the ATP Tour again this year, but for now I just want to get rid of this pain in my arm so I can go back to playing the type of tennis I enjoy playing, playing injured sucks and is no fun at all!!

Before I go, I have to give a shout out to Malcolm who is Bernie Tomic’s fitness guy, he absolutely rocked the player party as an MC and stole the show, all the players loved it and be completely blew everyone away with how good he was. It took a lot of balls to get up and do that but I guess when you’re that good, getting up and singing and performing in front of someone isn’t that daunting.

I’m off now but I’ll write again soon.