Injuries Suck

NK Murray AO15

Hi Guys,

Yet again, its been a while!! You know the drill now.

So the Australian Open was a great two weeks, I had an awesome time and an unbelievable run in front of the Aussie public which just made it even sweeter! Most of you will now know that it was touch and go on my participation but to hold up as I did and make the quarter finals was just a dream and I feel very grateful to my team for helping me through some difficult spots in the lead up and then during the event.

Andy Murray played a great match to dust me off in three but I definitely learned a lot from that match, I made improvements from when we last played too in Toronto and I know he’s a tough nut to crack but it’s a great challenge and one I’ll look to improve on next time we play. Andy has been awesome with me and has sent me some really supportive messages before and after our match, in fact I am aware of what he said before Wimbledon last year and I’m grateful for that, he’s a good guy and I know he will win more grand slams in the coming years.

I got so many supportive messages from people I admire and look up to such as Andy, Gael Monfils, Mark Philippoussis, Pat Cash, Tim Cahill and some of the Socceroos guys, I just feel incredibly lucky to have their support. Niall Horan from One Direction came out to watch some matches too, he’s a keen tennis fan and despite some media outlets trying to make it look like I blanked him he has been pretty cool too in messaging me and we’ve swapped numbers and will likely hang out somewhere soon.

Since the Open though, I’ve been injured which is just so annoying! I’m desperate to get back out on the road and compete and look to put what I worked so hard for in the pre-season on to the court whilst being fully fit but I’ve not had that luxury in 2015 yet but that just motivates and excites me even more. I’m progressing everyday and able to work on a few other things in my game such as the physicals with Matt (my fitness coach) but pretty much Will my physio is the boss for now and is driving what I do and when.

The upside to injuries is you get to be around your family and friends a bit more than you would normally, which is nice. My sister Hali has gone off to work in Japan for a year at Universal Studio’s in one of their shows, so I got to see her and spend some time with her before she left which was awesome, she’s a very talented singer and actress and it’s inspiring to see her work so hard for her dreams in an industry that is not as measurable as tennis or sports, by that I mean in sport if you’re the best it’s recognised because of results but in the entertainment world it’s not the same as it’s just about pleasing a certain casting director or individual on the day. Still she’s progressing well but it’s a tough industry to crack.

I’ve also been able to do something outside of tennis that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to do or even think about doing, I’ve shot a couple of high-end lifestyle magazine shoots which was fun but different, I can’t say too much but keep your eyes peeled for when they appear on the shelves.

The injury has been a bit of a grind and all injuries suck completely but I’m looking for the positives as and where I can. I’ve started back up on the court hitting lightly which is awesome and hopefully I can be back out on tour in the next few weeks. It’s a slow process, I want to make everything right so that I am not breaking down a week or two after getting back out on tour, the team I have around me now have really down a good job of making sure I am progressing in other areas before getting back out on tour and that’s a great sign as I know they are fully behind me in my development.

Which reminds me, I better get back out there before they start kicking off……..

Speak soon