Rehab, Training Blocks and Sleeping Logs

Hows that for one sitting?

Hows that for one sitting?

Hey Guys,

I hope you are all good. It’s been a while again although this time I’m not going to apologize like I normally do!! I’ve got excuses!!!

So as you know I was due to play Delray Beach and Acapulco on wild cards but unfortunately I had to pull out with an elbow injury which totally sucked and to be honest I was so miserable, I was not the best person to be around but I got back to Australia, I spent some time with my family and friends chilling out and doing the usual before heading down to Melbourne and getting my arm looked at and we discovered it was a nerve injury and thankfully there was no nerve damage, so I will make a full recovery and the guys at TA have helped to put a program in place so that I can manage it. Once I stop growing it will go anyway but for the meantime it needs looking after and respecting and that is what we’ll do.

I’ve been working hard with Simon and I’ve been hitting from the ground and working on one or two things that we identified in my game and I am feeling great, I’m desperate to get back out competing to be honest although I know I am a few weeks away from that and also still in a physical training block too so there is that little beauty to complete yet too. I’ve not been serving either as that is where the pain occurs, so I will stick to the program and know that by the time I am due to go to the States next month I will be ready.

Away from the courts I’ve gone home a few times and consumed my weight in food with my brother Christos and played loads of COD on the Xbox and other video games, Christos and the boys all have massive appetites which is perfect for me as I love food. When I was in London last month my agent John took me to this Chinese buffet and we basically rolled out of there, the food was awesome.

I stay with Daniel Guccione and his family when I am in Melbourne, Daniel is the cousin of Chris who I made my Davis Cup debut with last year against Polan, Daniel is a very good young Aussie player and one to keep your eye on for sure. Like most tennis players we are pretty competitive and have been playing loads of table tennis, it’s fair to say I’ve chopped him a few times and I don’t see myself losing my crown anytime soon.

This week TA thought it would be a good idea to do some team bonding and go camping at Wilson’s Promotory, I wasn’t sure at first but I absolutely loved it, it was so good. We stayed in three man tents and I have to say with our high protein diets, they didn’t smell the best so I will save the blushes of the guys who I shared with but OMG there were some unreal noises coming from our tent, thankfully I slept like a log!

We did things like long walks, one day we walked 34km which to me was nuts as I don’t think I’ve ever walked that far in my life but I enjoyed it, it was great to be around some really special people doing things I don’t usually do on a daily basis. I think TA came up with a great idea and the team spirit among everyone at the NTC will only grow because of it.

After camping I headed back to Melbourne to wrap up on the training week and now I have a few days off although I am toying with hitting the gym and courts to make up for time I missed whilst camping, as long as I stick to the rehab program I don’t see any harm.

Anyway guys, I have work to do so lets speak soon. I hope you all like the new look site.