Sarasota, So Far, So Good

Final Baby!!

Final Baby!!

Hey Guys,

It’s pretty late here so I am guessing it’s Easter in most places, so Happy Easter to one and all!! Take it easy with the eggs everyone, too much of a good thing and all that…

Anyway, so as you all know I am back in competition after a pretty long lay off with my elbow and I am playing a $100,000 ATP Challenger in Sarasota this week. I’ve been in Florida just under two weeks now with my coach Simon and things have been going pretty well so far and it just feels awesome to be back out competing again.

I’ve managed to get four decent matches under my belt this week which has put me in the final tomorrow against Filip Krajinovic of Serbia. I’ve not long finished a hard fought semi final battle against American Daniel Kosakowski which finished not much before 10pm as we went to three sets, it was a great battle to be honest and just what I needed after coming back as my three previous rounds had been in straight sets. So I am writing this blog as I am struggling to get to sleep which is often the case after a night match.

I could not have asked for much more this week to be honest, I’ve beaten some quality opponents in my first event back and played some quality tennis too although I am a little rusty in places and I know my level will get better too with more matches, that’s only natural. The final is on Sunday evening and I really want to leave here with the title in my bag, it would cap off a great week and a great reward for myself and Simon after a tough period with injury and then rehab which thankfully is behind us now.

This trip I am on is the longest trip I’ve ever been on and I won’t be returning to Australia until after the US Open which is tough for me as I like to be around my friends and most importantly my family but luckily they are going to be coming out to visit me for various weeks along the way, a luxury that many of my older fellow Australians couldn’t benefit from when they made their 6 month trips around the globe on a boat in order to play the French Open and Wimbledon back in the day, so I remind myself of that and know that all the greats of Australian tennis have gone through similar things and in the end it is all worth it.

Any way I am going to hit the sack now guys, as it’s getting on here in Sarasota. Thanks to all those that sent kind messages of support, it means a lot and please keep them coming.