Back On The Road

NK Chilling

Hey Guys,

It’s been a while so I thought I would use this time whilst flying from Sydney to Barcelona (via Paris) in my comfy Malaysian Airlines business class seat to write my latest blog (I do not apologies for that blatant plug either!!). After what seemed like forever, I am now fit enough to get back out on the road and compete again and I am headed to Barcelona via Paris to compete in the ATP 500 event in Barcelona which is my first clay court event of 2015.

In fact I was very kindly awarded a wild card in to the main draw as I didn’t enter, so thank you to my guys at IMG; Carlos Fleming, Fernando Soller and of course thanks goes to the tournament director too. After that unlucky fall in Indian Wells against Dimitrov my schedule changed and then when it looked like I would be ready I decided to add Barcelona as I had missed Miami, I’ve been pretty unfortunate this past year with injuries but I’m working hard to get and stay strong so that I am able to eliminate some of the niggles but the fall in Indian Wells was just a freak one.

I had a blast in Indian Wells (fall aside) and shot a couple of different photo shoots that I mentioned before that were way outside my comfort zone but were a lot of fun. I was playing pretty well out on the court too, considering they were my first couple of matches since the Aussie Open I was happy with where my game was at, I had a lot more to give and felt in the match against Grigor I didn’t play well but I served well and that gave me some looks, to be honest though after the fall I wouldn’t have been able to play the next day even if I had closed him out.

This trip is the longest one of the year for me, I won’t be heading home to Australia again now until after Wimbledon which will be for the Davis Cup tie in Darwin. The choice to put the tie in Darwin was a smart one and I am looking forward to competing there (assuming I am selected). As you all know I am a bit of a home boy, so this trip will be tough for me but I have family members visiting throughout the trip, my brother arrives in a week or so until the French and my mum will be in Paris too, then my Dad will be in the UK for the grass so I am pretty lucky they can all take their holiday time from their jobs to spend it with me.

One of the positives of being injured is you can work on other areas of your game or body and I have been able to make some solid gains with my back whilst I have been home and really consolidate the work that Will my physio helped me with after the Aussie Open, and I have been able to really improve my core strength whilst home too, although having a giant moon boot strapped to your foot pretty much limits anything else you can do.

I’ve spent some time promoting a few different local and charitable projects in my home town of Canberra, I love my city and if I can give time to things that will benefit Canberra and it’s people then I am always game. I got to spend some time with my brother Christos and his team at Golds Gym during the “relay for life” which was raising money for cancer charities, it was a lot of fun and a lot of money was raised for a great cause. As I get older I realise more the position I am in to help others and it’s actually a really good feeling and something I will grasp with both hands going forwards although I don’t intend to be one of those guys who shouts from the rooftops every time I do something for a good cause, I’ll leave the shouting for when I am on the court!

Something else that happened whilst I was away was the draft for the IPTL, as you all know I loved the IPTL last year and had a blast in what was an exciting format and something I think I was made for. The draft happened this past weekend and I was drafted back to the Singapore Slammers, I am so pumped as I was hoping to be back on the Slammers although I was the only retention from last year, so it is a completely new team and I welcome Novak, Thanasi, Karolina, Carlos, Marcelo and Belinda to the Singapore Slammers. We have a great chance of winning the title this year and it would be awesome if we can make that happen.

I’ll blog regularly during this trip (he says), so stay tuned for more!!

Thanks for the continued support.