Mastered By Muzza

Nick Kyrgios

Hey Guys,

Greeting from Cincinnati!! I arrived here yesterday from Toronto and I have to say, it is a really cool place. The hotel is awesome, we have rented a car and there are so many restaurants to choose from, what more can a tennis player ask for? So I am sure we are going to have a great week.

As you know I made my Masters 1000 début in Toronto and I managed to get a good win over Santiago Giraldo who is a very good and difficult player, he hits the ball fairly flat and hard which is always tough to deal with on your first match back after a month or so away from matches, so I was really pleased to through it in two sets.

In my next match I played Andy Murray, who has to be the fittest and probably the fastest guy on tour. It was a very difficult match up for me as I wasn’t feeling my best but he tied me up in all sorts of difficult situations tactically and really asked a lot of questions that I couldn’t find answers for on the day. Some of the balls he was getting to were outrageous too, he moves so well and is very rarely off balance, it was a big learning experience as well as an honour for me to play a champion of Andy’s level, I will certainly take a lot away from it and look to improve my game in the areas that he was exploiting.

This week in Cincinnati I am playing qualifying, the draw is not out yet but I am expecting with my new ranking that I will be among the higher seeds when the draw comes out, which counts for nothing unless you put your game on the court. I had a hit here last night with Thanasi Kokkinakis who as you all know is probably my best mate on tour, we played for about an hour under the watchful eye of Josh Eagle, which was good fun and a great session with loads of intensity. I’ve enjoyed my first week with Josh, its been fun with lots of learning and hard work thrown in which is what I need at this stage. Josh has been around a long time and knows everyone and everything about tennis which I am only going to benefit from.

After practice we headed back and got dinner at the hotel and then myself and my manager John Morris headed out to meet Thanasi at Chipotle, it was so funny as it was like the whole draw had descended on Chipotle with so many players in there. I bumped in to Simon in there too, it was great to see him and we had a little catch up. We met up with Bernie Tomic in there too and after that we all headed back to my hotel room to play FIFA14 although John didn’t come as I chopped him in the afternoon 4-0 and 7-0. Hanging out with the guys, relaxing and having fun is exactly what I needed, I love being around my friends on tour enjoying myself away from the courts switching off from tennis, it helps keep my mind fresh.

Anyway guys, I am going to have to go as I have to get ready for breakfast before heading to the courts for another day of hard work and improvements.

Speak soon