My plans

Unfortunately I have pulled out of Tokyo and Shanghai due to an injury in my left forearm. Although not at the stress fracture stage, it is bone stress which is very painful and needs protecting before it escalates in to something worse and takes me away from the ATP Tour for longer.

Despite recent reports, I do plan on playing again this year and have only withdrawn from Tokyo and Shanghai at this stage, my schedule still includes Stockholm, Basel and Paris which I hope to be fit and ready to play.

As my career is still young, I am in no rush and have to take care of my body, I understand it is still developing and adjusting to the increased physical demands the level of tennis I am competing at demands and I have to listen to my body if I want a long, successful and sustained career.

Playing injured is no fun and has stopped me from playing the type of tennis I love to play and I hope with a couple of weeks intensive rehab, rest and treatment I can get back to playing pain free, exciting and fun tennis.

Thanks for your support and understanding.